About District 16

District 16 of the American Contract Bridge League consists of most of Texas and all of Mexico. Its members play duplicate bridge in games at clubs and at sectional and regional tournaments within the district.

District 16 boasts many national and world champions, as well as many other expert or near-expert players. It also provides venues for beginning and learning players. District 16's mission is to promote bridge in its geographic area.

On these pages you'll find information about the district's officers and key personnel, the district calendar, results of district tournaments, minutes of the district board meetings, district financial reports, and other useful information.

District News & Coming Attractions

Grand National Teams

The District 16 Finals for Flights A & C were held during the Houston Election Sectional, April 4-6, 2014.

The team of Anthony Bianchi, Mitch Towner, Robert Whitcher, and Gary King emerged the winners in Flight A.

The team of Robert Shanley, Suzanne Shanley, Courtney Coffman, and David Morris won Flight C.

Congratulations to the winners, and good luck at Nationals!

You can see all the results here.


District 16 is one of five districts that has been chosen to receive the “Charity of the Year” grants for 2014.

Beginning in 2005, the ACBL Charity Foundation began issuing grants--these grants are now referred to as Charities of the Year.

If you have a charity that you would like to be considered for a grant, please submit your request—the organization must be a designated 501 (c) 3 organization.  Please include any information that may be helpful in understanding why the organization should be considered and in need of receiving the grant. Also, include the name, address and contact person/information of the organization.

Please note that grants will not be awarded to any organization related to bridge. There are two other foundations that award grants specifically to the bridge community:  Educational Foundation and Foundation for the Preservation and Advancement of Bridge.

Request for grants must be received by July 1, 2014.   Please submit your request to:

Nancy Strohmer
District 16 Charity Committee Chair
114 Broad Oaks Court, Houston, TX 77056

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Strohmer (Houston) nastrohmer@yahoo.com or committee members Jim Harp (Dallas) harpiii@aol.com, or Larry Davis (Austin) larrysdavis@att.net.

New Officers Elected!

Congratulations to the 2014 District Officers:

Good luck to all!

And welcome to Nancy Strohmer, who is the new Charity Commitee Chair.

Texas Star and Goodwill Award Winners!

The Texas Star and Goodwill Award Winners were announced on Saturday during the Lone Star Regional. They are:

Texas Star Winners

Unit 172-San Antonio:  Wayne Rauschuber
Unit 174-Houston:  Jim Woodward
Unit 176-Dallas:  Marion Gephardt
Unit 183-Fort Worth:  Millie Williams
Unit 187-Corpus Christi:  Russ & Kathe Powers
Unit 197-Lubbock: Gina Schultz
Unit 201-Beaumont:  Ed Rasmussen
Unit 207-Austin:  Beth Tobias
Unit 209-Midland: Flo Curry
Unit 224-Abilene: Vance McCracken
Unit 225-Tyler:  Noelene Hardy
Unit 233-Waco:  Asa Waterman
Unit 353-Wichita Falls: Lois Roberson

Goodwill Award Winners

Unit 183-Fort Worth:   Jo Kuhn and Judy Evans
Unit 187-Corpus Christi: Lina Crumpler and Mabel Byrnes
Unit 201-Beaumont:  Patsy Pierce and Linda Briggs
Unit 207-Austin:  Mike Harris and Sandy Potts
Unit 225-Tyler:  Jean Roach
Unit 233-Waco:  Janice Walker

Congratulations to all!

Grand National Teams

Here is a listing of when and where the Unit qualifying for GNT will take place.






San Antonio

B & C

February 8, 10:00 & TBA

Fiesta Bridge Club



B & C

February 16, 11:00 & TBA

Houston Bridge Studio




February 23, 1:30 & TBA



March 2, 1:30 & TBA,

Dorsey’s Bridge Studio


Fort Worth


February 23, 12:30 & TBA

March 16, flight B, 12:30 PM/ TBA


March 16, 12:30 & TBA

Fort Worth Bridge Studio


South Texas

B & C

February 8, 10:30 & TBA

Bridge Club South Texas


Llano Estacado

B & C

April 12

Bridge Center, Lubbock


Sabine Neches

B & C

February 22,  9:30 & 1:00

Beaumont Bridge Studio


Texas Capital

B & C

January 25, 10:00 & 1:30

Bridge Center of Austin


East Texas

B & C

March 1, 10:00 & 2:00

Dottie Pirkle’s DBS


Central Texas

B & C

March 16, 10:00 & TBA

Temple CAC


Wichita Falls

B & C

February 16,  1:30 & TBA

The Bridge Center


The District 16 finals for