District News & Coming Attractions

Austin 4th of July Regional Results

You can see the results from Austin by clicking here.

STaC Results

You can see the results from the STaC by clicking here.

GNT Results

The District 16 GNT competition was played in Dallas over Memorial day for Flights A, B, and C. These were the winners:

Flight A: Hua Yang, Yan Song, Tiger King and Danny Feng.

Flight B: Kathleen Carr, James Richman, Robert Schmidt and Ari Sippola.

Flight C: James Rider, Cheryl Rider, Kristen Onsgard and Stefanie Scott.

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck in Washington!

Fort Worth Regional Results

You can see what's happening in Fort Worth by clicking here.

GNT SuperFlight results

The District finals for the SuperFlight of the GNT were held Saturday and Sunday, April 2 & 3 in Houston. The winners were the team of Joe Gittelman, Robert Whitcher, Gary King, and Anthony Bianchi.

Congrats to all, and good luck in Washington DC to the winners!

Reno Report

Dan Morse has had his report from the Spring NABC in Reno posted on this site. You can read it here.

March-April Scorecard

The March April issue of the District 16 Scorecard can be seen by clicking here.