District 16 Unit Goodwill Award

The District 16 Unit Goodwill Award is intended to recognize and honor District 16 players who exhibit a spirit of courtesy, kindness and tact at the Bridge table.

These individuals are our ambassadors of goodwill to all other players.

There is no master point requirement, but recipients should be frequent players in clubs and tournaments within their unit.

Each Unit may select two members to receive the Goodwill Award each year. Selection should be made from among the Unit's membership by year-end with presentations to be made at the Unit's convenience early the following year. If no selection is made by year-end, there is no carry-forward and no award will be given for that Unit that year.

District 16 provides a pin to be presented to the honorees. Each year's recipients will be announced in The Scorecard and listed on the District's website (here).

Past winners are: