2006 Texas Star Recipients

Janise Saul - Unit 172

She got to Texas as fast as she could, and it didn't take long for her talents to be noticed. Elected to the Unit 172 Board of Directors two years after she moved to San Antonio, Janise Saul served as unit treasurer for two years. She became tournament chairman four years ago.

Successful doesn't begin to describe her tenure as tournament chair. Phenomenal is more like it. A good organizer, a great negotiator, and a pleasure to work with, Janise's move to San Antonio from New Jersey has been a windfall for Unit 172.

She says that running a tournament is really bad for her bridge game, but she is an excellent player and always courteous and friendly. Janise has hosted unit games, (once cooking four turkeys for our holiday party), been a mentor, writes articles for our unit newsletter, and has an encouraging word for everyone.

Unit 172, San Antonio, is proud to have Janise Saul as our bright and shining Texas Star.

Mauro Viale, Mexico - Unit 173

Mauro Viale is a true Texas Star. He is always able and willing to pitch in and help out, no matter what the task. Our Unit is lucky to have such a hardworking volunteer as Mauro.

Thanks for all you do for our Unit, Mauro!

Dick Hess, Houston - Unit 174

Dick Hess was a real student of bridge, and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He gave a lot to the game. For several years, he did a great job running the 199er (later 299er and 499er) game at the Bridge and Games Studio - giving free lectures, going to the trouble to send out bridge tips and quizzes along with the results via e-mail, and directing a very friendly game. He kept a roster of 65% plus games, and sponsored many programs, such as the frequent player free play program, and the free play for highest monthly overall score program. There are many fond memories of "Monday Night at the Studio."

Dick was also an excellent player, one of few who could confidently set and execute a squeeze. And he was a dream partner, always living by the motto: "Be nice to your partner, he/she's on your side." He never gave lectures at the table, and was always kind to partners and opponents alike. Dick started out as a teacher/mentor to the newcomers. Quite often these relationships progressed to great and lasting friendships.

Dick also served on the Unit 174 board of directors, and as Unit President in 1985.

Dick will live on in the hearts of his students and friends. He truly left a legacy in the bridge community!

Ann Roberts, Dallas - Unit 176

Ann Roberts grew up in Mobile, Alabama, and graduated from Auburn University with a degree in architecture. She first played duplicate bridge in Mobile and was president of their unit. After she and her husband moved to Texas, she continued her love of bridge playing in Unit 176. Through the years, she has served in many different categories, chairing numerous committees and has served on the Board and was President of the unit. She has also helped in multiple capacities at most tournaments in the area. In addition, she also served on the ACBL National Charity Committee.

Ann is a most caring person and feels the bridge table is a place where you can get away from your daily world and enjoy the constant challenges you face at the bridge table. She also enjoys the friendships that are developed through playing the game.

Dewitt Hudson, Fort Worth - Unit 183

Dewitt Hudson

Unit 183 proudly nominates DeWitt Hudson for his tireless efforts on behalf of Unit 183 and our newcomer players. He has spent many years developing the Bridge-in-Schools program for our unit. You can often see his students at the local sectionals and club games.

Thanks Dewitt for everything you do for Unit 183.

Bob Gerberich, Corpus Christi - Unit 187

Bob Gerberich is the newly-elected President of Unit 187. He has been active in many ways for the Unit. He was Vice President for 6 years. He recently has been responsible for keeping our unit membership list up-to-date, adding and deleting names every month, and he has been our photographer for a long time doing tournament as well as special events at the Unit game. He has enlisted his wife Ronnie to help provide prizes for certain special games.

He has been a big help to Martha at the new tournament location in Rockport as she has to load and unload all the items necessary for tournament, many very heavy. Bob is a real gentleman at the bridge table and we wish we had more like him. He is always ready to help out in any way necessary. .....Mary Ross

Inez Kindle, Lubbock - Unit 197

The nominating committee for the Texas Star Award from Unit 197 would like to nominate Inez Kindle for the 2005 award. Inez has been a member of our Unit for about 10 years. She has served on the boards of the Monday and the Friday Clubs, and she has been partnership chair for our last Regional and several sectionals. Inez also gets partners for the Monday and Friday Clubs many times, even though this may not be her official job.

You always know where Inez is playing in the room from her wonderful laugh. I think few members have more fun at the bridge table than Inez. She is always the first person in the kitchen to help with clean-up and has done everything anybody has asked her to do. She now proudly serves us on the Unit 197 Board. She supports almost all of our games, and she has been a wonderful help with the newer players, both during the lessons and during the games. She finds partners for all these new people who want to play and may not have partners. She even plays with them herself many times. Inez is one of our most popular players due not only to her hard work, but to her kindness, sensitivity, and graciousness to everyone who comes in contact with her. It is with great pride that we are pleased to nominate Inez Kindle for this award. .....Sandi Krahmer, Chairperson of the Nominating Committee

John Smalley, Beaumont - Unit 201

John Smalley's devotion to bridge and to the successful operation of Unit 201 is evident to all members. We are proud to have someone of John's caliber and experience as a member of our club. ..... Betty Poindexter, President, Unit 201

Joe Bailey, San Angelo - Unit 204

For the Texas Star Award, our nominee is Joe Bailey. Joe is an essential member of our unit. In his always accommodating way, Joe keeps us computer literate. He donated and set up our first computer for scoring and reporting our game results. He taught all the directors how to use the program. He has updated the programs and the equipment we use when we have needed those services. He is almost always available on a cell phone or in person to help the less experienced directors recover from entry mistakes and other computer catastrophes, and he submits our monthly reports. He is always helpful in setting up special games. He studied and passed the director's test in order to help out when other directors are not available. He does all of this for no compensation, although the club has been known to give him a bottle of good cheer at Christmas. Joe is also an excellent player and a pleasure to have around. We feel that we could not operate without him, a perfect recommendation for a Texas Star!

Marcia Sommers, Mexico - Unit 205

Unit 205 is proud to nominate Marcia Sommers as our Texas Star. Her contributions to our Unit are immeasurable. Thanks Marcia!

George Pisk, Austin - Unit 207

Dr. George Pisk is the nominee for the Texas Star Award from Austin Unit 207. Austin's leading masterpoint holder, he has done good things for Austin-area bridge beyond his prowess at the table. He has served on the Unit Board for many years, chaired several tournaments, and served as hospitality chairman for several regional tournaments. He has served as the Unit Recorder and as the Conduct/Ethics Committee Chairman. A professor of English, he has written the newsletter for several regional tournaments. .....Larry S. Davis, Club Manager

Aggie Anguish, Permian Basin - Unit 209

Unit 209's shining star is Aggie Anguish. Bridge came into Aggie's life in the late 1950s in a "friendly, fierce foursome." What began as an occasional outing with friends and a respite from small children grew into a group of dear friends, a love of cards, and a love of travel. The first trip was to Horseshoe Bay and "bridge on the lake" was such a success that the group went to Florida for "bridge on the beach." This trip became an institution and twice a year the group went to Florida, playing bridge many places in between. On occasion, the group left the children with the husbands and spent the weekend at a local motel playing bridge.

One of the group began playing duplicate and with much persuasion, Aggie was introduced to the game. With less than 20 points, she went to her first regional tournament and won 25 gold points. She was hooked and hit the tournament trail. Her life master soon followed. Today Aggie has approximately 1,800 masterpoints and is our most popular partner. She is open to play with everyone. Many of Unit 209's beginning players got their experience with Aggie.

Aggie has given generously of her time - she has served both her local club and Unit 209 as treasurer for as long as we can remember. When the unit needed a membership chairman, we decided to ask a busy person and chose Aggie. She has once again served us well.

She is the mother of four and the grandmother of three. Aggie is a graduate of UT Austin and is still a "true orange person." She played tennis in high school, college, and as an adult. Today, she is still an avid sports fan and watches tennis, football, and baseball on television. She is seen frequently at bridge tournaments and has become a world traveler. Our Texas Star still shines brightly.

Jackie Sonnenburg, Abilene - Unit 224

Fort Phantom Unit 224 would like to nominate Jackie B. Sonnenburg for the Texas Star Award. Ms. Sonnenburg has been very active in Unit 224 for several years. She has been on the Board of Directors for several years, serving in many capacities. She has chaired several tournaments, the most recent being Abilene's Harvest Regional. Ms. Sonnenburg has given of her time very freely to teach classes for beginners twice, never accepting any pay and is scheduled to start another session in January. Ms. Sonnenburg encourages new players and is willing to play with anyone to get them to play bridge. She has been an untiring worker for Unit 224. Fort Phantom Unit 224 is pleased to nominate her for Texas Star Award. .....Mary Loft Gross, President, Fort Phantom Unit 224

Emily Leake, East Texas - Unit 225

Emily Leake has been a wonderful ambassador for bridge and is a delight to know. She has given bridge lessons and directed bridge games for approximately 40 years in our area. Presently, Emily directs two games each week and has brought many new members into our unit. At each game she brings desserts and other snacks for the players to enjoy. Seasonal parties and life master parties at her games are always special with her decorations and special touches.

As a Gold Life Master, Emily is recognized by all as one of the outstanding players in our unit. At the bridge table, she is cheerful and complimentary to other players, and her table presence is outstanding. She is very willing to share her knowledge and expertise with any player. She is frequently asked questions and tries hard to help any player who is trying to improve their game. If Emily is playing at other games in the unit, she does the most to help a fellow director by helping with computer scoring, folding tables, cleaning up, or whatever is needed. Emily has served on the unit board and completed two terms as president of that board. ur unit is very fortunate to have a person with her talent and energy and willingness to help. .....Brenda Baker

Richard Wall, Waco - Unit 233

The board of directors has selected Mr. Richard Wall, Harker Heights, TX, for the 2005 Texas Star Award for Unit 233. Richard, a retired military major, retired teacher at Killeen ISD, and a Silver Life Master, has actively promoted bridge in the Unit since he came to Central Texas over 25 years ago. e has shared his leadership and teaching abilities by teaching numerous bridge classes in the Central Texas area. He has been elected to several three-year terms on the board of directors and has served as president and vice president during his tenures.

He volunteered to print the Unit membership directory without charge and has printed seven revisions since 1998. He served as chairman of the Temple sectional in March 1997, 1998, 2000, and 2001. He assisted the local 300 club director with the first 299'er tournaments in the Unit in Octobers 1999 and 2000. He directed the Christmas party Unit Championships in Decembers 2000, 2001, and 2002, as well as many special Unit and club games through the years, always being willing to assist when called upon. e was active in the Fort Hood Officers DBC and had served as president and club manager/ director at the club. He is currently directing the sanctioned duplicate bridge game at Sun City, whose members continue to transfer to our Unit and play in the local club games.

Richard is well liked by Unit members at all levels, being willing to share his knowledge with other bridge players in a kind and helpful manner. He has worked diligently to promote bridge and to further Unit activities and is most deserving of the Texas Star Award. .....James A. LaFountain, President, Unit 233

Herman Westbrook, Magic Valley - Unit 237

Unit 237's nominee for the 2005 Texas Star Award is Herman Westbrook, who does a great service to all members of Unit 237 by posting the scores of all the games on the internet and keeping all of us up-to-date on anything regarding our unit.

He is most helpful to all the directors and any member who needs assistance. Truly, A TEXAS STAR!

Shirley Bond, Wichita Falls - Unit 353

In an ideal world, all people would be duplicate bridge players from the time they could count. In the real world, many of our most valuable members come to duplicate bridge later in life. Such is the case with this year's Texas Star honoree from Unit 353, Shirley Bond. It was not until she had raised a family and retired from a distinguished career with the Social Security Administration that Shirley turned her considerable talents to bridge, starting with beginner's lessons at the Bridge Studio in the mid-1990s. Shirley quickly became a favorite partner for many of our unit members because of her unfailing good nature, nimble wit, and generosity at the bridge table. Shirley is willing to take on any job to benefit the unit - she serves as a member of the unit Board of Directors, Telephone/Friendship chairperson, Scorecard Reporter, and assists with the wonderful food we have every unit game. She served as Chairperson for all the food and kitchen activities at the 2005 Sectional Tournament. Shirley does all this while participating in her church activities, being a very involved and active grandparent to grandsons Grant and Gavin - a position that became even more important while their father was on duty in Iraq - and wife to husband, Charles. We are fortunate to have Shirley as a member of our unit and recognize her contributions as this year's Texas Star.