2008 Texas Star Awards

Roxanna Tom - Unit 172, San Antonio

Roxanna Tom

Although Roxana has played bridge since childhood, she is a relative newcomer to duplicate. About 13 years ago she joined the ACBL and has been hooked ever since. She will tell you that this wonderful game probably "saved her life" after the death of her husband, Lytle. She has served on Unit 172's board for 6 years, has been vice president or president most of that time. She has been our sanctions officer for many years. Roxana is a National Goodwill Committee Lifetime Member. Roxana and the "girls from Karnes City" have hosted many unit games and parties. She is a tireless worker. Roxana is loved and respected by all, and yes, we plan on asking her to run for the board again.

Anne Page - Unit 174, Houston

Anne Page

Anne Page has served Unit 174 well as the author if the Unit column in the Scorecard for many years. She reliably reports on all the happenings in Unit 174, focusing particularly on all the “positives”. She needs no guidance, only information, and is never late with her column. An unfailingly optimistic person, she is a credit to bridge in our unit.

Thanks, Anne!

Pat Measley - Unit 176, Dallas

Pat Measley

Unit 176 is proud to honor Pat Measley this year for her outstanding commitment to bridge in the Dallas area.

Pat has handled partnerships for our tournaments for a long time, but for the past several years she has also been our Friendship chairman, sending cards to the ill and the bereaved. No one is overlooked by Pat – her network of information on the members of the unit is truly amazing.

She was the volunteer coordinator for the Dallas Nationals. She lined up 250 volunteers to work partnership, registration, prizes & all of the booths at the Nationals in 2006. What a wonderful job she did! It makes anyone's job easier when you have someone like Pat helping.

And at the table, no one arrives with a greeting or leaves without a smile

Darlene Shirey - Unit 183, Fort Western

Darlene Shirey

Darlene has devoted her life to bridge and Unit 183 for many years, serving as a director and assisting her husband, Steve, with his games. She prepares food, runs the partnership desk at tournaments, and is kind and considerate of our newer players. Even with severe medical problems this year, Darlene never wavered in her responsibilities and duties at the Bridge Studio. She directs games, guest directs, and is prepared to do anything to further the unit’s services and leadership to the bridge players. Because of Darlene’s friendly and warm attitude towards newer players, we have a large number of nonlife member games as well as limited master point games.

Dick Hahn - Unit 187, South Texas

Dick is our "webmaster", spending several hours a week updating our website and keeping it current. Many of our players are using the site now to get their scores from our weekly games and he does a great job of keeping everything right up date. Also he keeps all current information such as tournament details, board minutes, unit constitution, information and news from our different areas, not just Corpus Christ, and other unit functions available where players can always go to get details of our "happenings".

Dick and his wife Linda are regular players in Kingsville and valued members of our unit. We really depend on him and hope he wants to keep on doing his excellent work indefinitely!!!!

Lexie Reese - Unit 197, Llano Estacado

Lexie has been a member of our Unit for over 20 years and has served us in many capacities. including President. She has been on the boards of several clubs and has helped with various Sectionals and Regionals.

At present, she is helping Mozella Tew with the lessons and has given many hours to this endeavor for which she receives no financial compensation. These lessons over the past several years have brought in many new players and have increased our Bridge playing population at the Lubbock Bridge Center.

Lexie is one of our most popular players and is loved by all who know her. In the face of much personal adversity, she has shown grace and poise and kindness to everyone whom she comes in contact. She has certainly been an invaluable member to our Unit.

Steve Penning - Unit 205, Amistad

Bob Chambers - Unit 207, Texas Capital

Bob directed duplicate games at the Senior Activity Center and the Northwest Recreation Center for 13 years, averaging approximately 200 tables per month.

The games at the SAC usually ran over 16 tables and often had 20 or so. For a few years he had the only truly Novice Games (0- 20mps) in town (one at each Center), preceding each game with a free 30-minute lesson.

Back at the days when clubs awarded points based on six factors, his clubs were awarded the maximum possible because he met all the required criteria.

Bob started duplicate games at Westwood Country Club, Lakeway Country Club and the Delmar Recreation Center. He had over 4200 students (several taking multiple classes) during a 15-year span. He enlisted over 700 players into the ACBL and over 250 attained Life Master. He published a monthly newsletter about club and tournament events and filled the pages with informative, educational notes on various laws, courtesies and administrative procedures.

Bob Bacon - Unit 209, Greater Permian Basin

Bob Bacon

Gloria Rowland - Unit 225, Fort Phantom

Gloria Rowland

Gloria has played bridge most of her life, having been taught at her father's knee. As a young woman, she was introduced to duplicate bridge by attending a lecture by Goren himself, and right away found a game to join.

Gloria's was a first grade teacher, but she also began teaching bridge to bring others into the game she loves so much. She has enrolled many new members in the ACBL over the years as well as encouraging her students to "get out there and play duplicate". Gloria has taught the ACBL endorsed EASY BRIDGE lessons at The Bridge Studio in Gun Barrel City which she manages. A high percentage of her students are ACBL members and are active in their local clubs.

Gloria has been on the Unit 225 Board of Directors since 2002 as Treasurer, Vice President and President. She has was Co- Chair for the Athens Black Eyed Pea 299'er and last year for the first Athens Black Eyed Pea Open sectional. Gloria hosts the very well attended annual Unit 225 Pro/Am Swiss game at The Bridge Studio. These events are evidence of the cooperative atmosphere that is prevalent throughout the Unit.

While Gloria was serving as the Treasurer and in the years since, the Tournament of Roses has been financially profitable to Unit 225. As the Unit President, her leadership style is encouraging and supportive to volunteers. Last year, Unit 225 received many complimentary letters from players outside our unit stating that the Tyler Tournament of Roses has become their favorite sectional.

All of Gloria's service to Unit 225 has been performed with excellence and she is highly qualified to represent Unit 225 for the District 16-Texas Star Service Award for 2007.

Lucy Wilson - Unit 233, Central Texas

Lucy is a Bronze Life Master and has been a member of the Unit for 15 years. She has served as president and member of the board of directors, and performed many other tasks as needed such as refurbishing Unit boards. When Unit finances were low, she found an affordable location for holding our tournament and decorated it. She sought donations from local businesses for door prizes and also took photos of winners for SCORECARD. The caddies, which included her children, did a excellent job under her leadership.

Lucy's ability as a culinary expert served as the impetus for Temple's reputation for providing wonderful food for our sectionals. At the tournament in 2001, Lucy received a standing ovation as well as many compliments from local and out-of-town players for the outstanding job she did as hospitality chairperson.

Health issues made it necessary for Lucy to curtail bridge activities for a few years, but she is now playing regularly in the local club and tournament games. She has proven her ability to promote bridge and is long overdue to be recognized with the Texas Star Award for Central Texas Unit 233.

Rene Wallace - Unit 237, Magic Valley

Rene Wallace, a Silver Life Master and Patron Member of ACBL, was first introduced to Duplicate Bridge in 1982. As an accomplished and knowledgeable player, she finds it challenging and exciting and enjoys the intensity of the competition, especially at the tournaments. She’s had the privilege of meeting and playing with some of the best players in the country.

Rene has served Unit 237 in many capacities including President, Board Member, and Co-Chair for several local tournaments. In addition to her commitment to our members, she has also volunteered in several community and church organizations. She received the 2006 Business Woman of the Year in Texas Award.

Rene is grateful for the support and encouragement that her husband and five children have given her in all her endeavors not only in her business and many volunteer activities, but also in her enjoyment of duplicate bridge.