Description of the Award & Guidelines for Selection and Presentation Ceremony

  1. The Texas Star Service Awards ("the Awards") shall be presented once annually at the Lone Star Regional Tournement held in Houston in the winter.
  2. The Awards will be presented by the Chair of the Awards Committee. If for any reason that officer is unable to make the presentations, the Texas Star Service Awards Committee ("the Committee") shall select a person to make the presentation.
  3. The Awards shall be presented just prior to commencement of play of the second session of the game held on Saturday. If play is held in more than one location, a presentation ceremony shall be held in each location. Presentation of the Awards shall be shown on the printed schedule of the tournament. Sufficient time for the presentation(s) shall be allowed by the Director in charge of that tournament.
  4. Identity of the recipients of the Award shall be kept secret until their names are announced by the presenter during the selection ceremony. All persons involved in the selection process at both the Unit and Committee levels shall take every precaution to insure confidentiality from commencement of the selection process until after presentation of the Awards. The method, screening and selection process shall not be discussed by any person involved except among themselves.
  5. Each Unit within District 16 may, but need not, select one person to receive the Award annually. A married couple may be selected. Each person selected shall be a member of the selecting Unit in good standing, resident within District 16. A person who has received the Award in a prior year is not eligible for selection.
  6. A recipient of the Award shall be a volunteer who has worked diligently at the Unit level. Receipt of a nominal compensation for burdensome tasks shall not automatically classify a person as a nonvolunteer. A unit may ask the Committee to determine the classification of a potential recipient of the Award. The Committee's determination of classification of a potential recipient shall be final.
  7. The Committee and its Chair shall be appointed by the President of District 16 at the annual meeting held during the Lone Star Regional Tournament in Houston at the beginning of each calendar year. The President may appoint the Jacoby Award Committee and its chair to form the Texas Star Awards Committee ex officio. The Committee shall receive the selections from the Units annually, and arrange for a suitable commemorative pin for each recipient of the Award.
  8. The Chair of the Committee shall notify each Unit each September of the opportunity to name a recipient of the Award. Such notification may be by letter or by publishing in the Scorecard. The notice to the Units should outine the qualifications which the Unit should keep in mind in making its selection and should stress the need for confidentiality. Selections by the Unit must be received by the Committee by December 1 of each year.
  9. The Committee shall maintain a record of all recipients of the Award.