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Unit Election Results

Congratulations to John Caudill, Walter Freitag, and Nancy Strohmer for their election victories. 

Also, the proposal to change the preamble to the bylaws passed.

Tournament Results

Results from thiis weekend's sectional tournament can be seen here.  With pictures!

UNIT 174 Board of Directors Club Connection Program

Bill Riley, club manager Virginia Mayhew, and Nancy Strohmer

The Board continued our program to connect with our Unit members and traveled to Livingston up Hwy 59, soon to be Interstate 69.  The Livingston bridge club meets every Friday at the Catfish Grill.  This club marks the Northeast boundary of UNIT 174.

Two of the board members (Nancy Strohmer and Bill Riley) and 2 spouses, Hans Strohmer and Nancy Riley, played bridge on April 3rd.  The game breaks after 5 rounds and all have a great meal.  Several of us had to have the catfish.  All had fun and good bridge.

Our next visit will be to the Clear Lake club on May 1st.

Glen Hendrickson

Glen Hendrickson, a long time member of our unit, died on Monday, April 20th at his home. 

The obituary is here.

Club Happenings

Bridge Club of Houston

  • Opportunity for New Players at BCOH
    • Starting May 12th BRIDGE+ game @10am Every Tuesday
    • Sanctioned Game -- $5 Table Fee – 0 to 5 Masterpoints
    • 30 Minute lesson by Julie Halperin, Certified Teacher @9:30am
  • Nighttime Mentor/Mentee Game
    • Monday evening, May 18th
  • Daytime Mentor/Mentee Game
    • Thursday, May 21st
  • “8 is Enough” Swiss Teams
    • Thursday, April 23rd
  • District Stac Week
    • May 4th thru 10th
  • 499r Tournament
    • May 14th thru 17th
  • Memorial “Hot Diggety Dog Day"
    • Monday, May 25th
    • Hot Dogs will be served at 11 am
    • Bring Sides
    • Game at 11:55 am
    • Monday June 22nd
    • Details to follow

Westside Bridge Academy

  • New 0-10 Masterpoint game!
    • Wednesday evenings at 7:00.
    • Only $5.
    • Gary King gives a FREE mini-lesson every Wednesday at 6:40.
  • New Supervised play with Kay Johnson and Pat Levy!
    • Thursday mornings at 10:30.
    • No partner needed.
    • Only $10.
  • A 10,000 Masterpoint Party for Pat Levy!
    • Saturday, May 2nd @ 1:00.
    • Lunch will be served at 12:00.
    • Reservations are required!
    • To reserve your spot call Katherine Onstott at 713-253-3094 or email
    • A cake will be provided, but if you would like to bring something, desserts would be appreciated.
  • District STaC Week!
    • May 4-10
    • Open pairs Monday - Friday @ 10:30, Thursday evening @ 7:00, and Saturday @ 1:00.
    • 299r Pairs Monday @ 7:00, Tuesday @ 10:30, and Saturday @ 1:00.
    • 499r Pairs on Thursday @ 10:30.
    • 99r Pairs on Friday @ 10:30.
    • Double Session Swiss on Sunday @ 10:00.  No regular pair game or evening Swiss that day.