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Ed Groner surpasses 15,000 Masterpoints!

A big surprise party was held before Friday’s game at Tracy Gee to honor Ed Groner, who recently surpassed the 15,000 masterpoint mark. Over 200 people were there to celebrate and enjoyed a delicious lunch of Chinese food, cake, and so much more.

Ed has touched so many members of Unit 174 with his kind, supportive nature. Nancy Strohmer, one of the unit’s board members, sent a congratulatory email which read, “Congratulations Ed, on this distinguished achievement!!! You are an incredible bridge player and human being!!! You are the epitome of graciousness, good sportsmanship, and high character, and you have been an incredible asset to Unit 174 for so many years.” Toni Snow spoke about how welcoming Ed was to her when she was a novice player. Brigitte Sandifer reminisced about the time when she was directing at the JCC and Ed said to her, “I believe you are a natural director.” Geri McKallip mentioned that Ed is always polite to his opponents and never has an unkind word to say about anyone.

Ed is very deserving of this accomplishment. As Vic Sitton said, “I have played many interesting hands with Ed and he never stops amazing me as to his ability to find the correct line of play.”

Congratulations Ed!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Petition to change bylaws Articles VI and IX

A petition to change Articles VI and IX will be put up for vote on April 9th at the annual meeting. The petition was received at least 90 days before the annual meeting. The Secretary of the board verified that the petition was signed by 7% of members in good standing.

In summary, the petition would change the way the members of Unit 174 select the board of directors. There would no longer be any elections with 6 candidates vying for the usual 3 positions vacated annually. Instead, the board of directors would select a nominating committee. The nominating committee would then identify a slate of nominees equal to the number of vacancies to be filled, usually 3. There is a provision for another candidate to be nominated by the members at large.

The exact wording of the current bylaws and the change to the bylaws are presented here.

According to our bylaws, 2/3rds majority of the members attending the annual meeting will be required to pass the amendment. The annual meeting will take place on Sunday April 9th at the Marriott Westchase, between the morning and afternoon sessions.


MiniBridge---The fun continues!

MiniBridge is bridge without the bidding and is a great way to introduce new players of all ages to the game we love. MiniBridge can be explained in a few minutes and play starts immediately.

On February 11th Westside Bridge Academy held a MiniBridge party. Eighteen people came to learn how to play and about a dozen volunteers were there to help. Everyone had lots of fun!

WBA’s next event is on Sunday, March 12th at 1 pm. Partners are not needed, reservations are not required, and the games are free! Help attract new players to bridge by inviting your friends, children, and grandchildren to these events!

Member Rank Achievements

Congratulations to our members who earned these ranks in January!

Junior Master
George M. Cowan, Jay Evert, Charles Li, and Kathleen Snodgrass

Club Master
David Littmann, Brian A. Schaffer, and Sarah S. Stephens

Sectional Master
William C. Ferguson, Sharon Kagan, Howard J. Pollock, and Robert M. Wang

Regional Master
Abid S. Mumtaz, Roop Prasad, and Joan D. Schouest

NABC Master
Julie B. Harrell

Silver Life Master
Raleigh S. Williamson

Gold Life Master
Charles A. Michalski

Diamond Life Master
Vern Schmidt

Online Voting March 1st thru 31st

Learn about the candidates for the board of Unit 174.

Unit Goodwill and Texas Star Award Winners Announced

At the recent Lone Star Regional, two awards were given:

  • The Unit Goodwill Award that is given to players who exhibit a spirit of courtesy, kindness and tact at the Bridge table.
    Congratulations, GARY KING…Unit 174 Goodwill Award recipient!!!
  • The Texas Star Award that honors the Unit volunteer who works steadfastly at the Unit level to promote Bridge and to further Unit activities.
    Congratulations, KAY JOHNSON…Unit 174 Texas Star Award recipient!!!

Club News

Bridge Club of Houston

Westside Bridge Academy

Houston Racquet Club

  • Schedule Change
    The regularly scheduled game on the 2nd Tuesday of the month has been rescheduled to the 2nd Thursday of each month for the next several months due to the Houston Racquet Club's undergoing remodeling. This means that the facilities will not be accessible to anyone on Tuesdays.
    These games are run on Thursdays and this will continue through at least April of 2017.