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December 8-14


New Unit Directory

Unit 174 will be printing a new Unit directory to be distributed during next year's Lone Star Regional. To make the information as accurate and up to date as possible, the Unit board encourages all members to check to make sure the information (address, phone, email) the ACBL has on file is accurate.

Many of you know that Unit 174 keeps an on-line directory, which can be accessed by clicking on "MyUnit174" on the menu above, clicking on "Unit 174 Directory", and logging in with your ACBL number (if you are a LM, you must use a letter instead of a number as the first character) and a previously selected password. If that information is not correct, you can bring it up to date by correcting the information with the ACBL. When the Unit database is updated around the 6th of December, it will reflect your changes.

You can correct the information with the ACBL in one of three ways:

  1. go to, click on MyACBL, log in, and make your corrections there,
  2. send an email to with the correct information, or
  3. call 662-253-3132 and provide the correct information.

The directory will be finalized in mid-January, so try to get your changes made before the end of December.

Communications Chairperson

Catherine Miller has volunteered to serve as the new Communications Chairperson. Many thanks to Sandy Clark for serving, and thanks and best of luck to Catherine!

Great new video!

Take a look at this great new video!

Lone Star Regional Event Naming

The Unit Board has announced the details for naming events during next year's Lone Star Regional.A printable flyer showing all the events is available here.

Club Happenings

Apple & Apple II

  • Friday- December 12th -  Apple II DBC will celebrate the Holiday Season!
    • Please come and bring your favorite side dish.
  • Monday - December 15th APPLE DBC will celebrate the Holiday Season!
    • Please come and bring your favorite dip/dessert/hors d'oeuvres.