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Beverley Cheatham

Beverley Cheatham


President, Social Bridge Outreach

I've loved Bridge since my College days. While studying accounting at the University of Texas, my friends and I would gather for an hour before the evening meal to learn how to play bridge. I was hooked.

I married the student that sat next to me in freshman English and we have three daughters and six grandchildren. After retiring as Financial Officer of a public opinion research company, I found the joy of playing duplicate bridge. I have served on the Board of Bridge Club of Houston during the time the club has doubled its capacity.

One of my objectives is to attract social bridge players to duplicate where they can discover how exciting the game can be.

April 2016

Nancy Strohmer

Nancy Strohmer

(713) 960-8711

Vice President and Communications/Publicity Chair

Having just completed my first year on the Board as Secretary and Publicity Chair, I have a new appreciation for how the Board works and what it accomplishes.

My first duplicate bridge experience was on a cruise in 2003. I had no idea what the world of bridge offered until later. My husband, Hans, and I began playing regularly in 2006 and have played as much as possible since. My background…B.S. and M.S. in Education (Business) from James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia…owned a manufacturing company and sold it in 2001…currently, play as much bridge as possible!!! Hobbies include grandkids, bridge, hiking and traveling.

Two of my grandchildren, Raymond who is 16-years-old and Mariah who is 14-years-old, enjoy bridge and will be going to the Youth Nationals this year. We have seven grandchildren in all, but the others are too young to play bridge, but we will start them as soon as they are ready! I am eager to serve and look forward to another productive year working with all of you!

April 2015

Bob Armstrong

Bob Armstrong



Secretary, Assistant Supply Coordinator

April 2017

Rhonda Bryant

Rhonda Bryant


Assistant I/N, Awards, and Social Bridge Coordinator

April 2017

Chuck Ensor

Chuck Ensor


Tournament Coordinator

April 2016

Bob Dowlen

Kathy Hughes


I/N Coordinator, Awards

April 2015

Daniel Jackson



Board Information Coordinator, Assistant STaC Coordinator

Daniel learned to play bridge while attending Rice University. One day while playing at the club, a beautiful woman named Debbie wrote her phone number on his convention card and asked him to call her. They were married two years later. Daniel and Debbie have two children and live in the Champions/1960 area.

Daniel was the Unit 174 Rookie of the Year in 1987 and made Life Master “with style” in 1990 by winning his first national event. After starting a family, Daniel reduced his bridge playing activity to an occasional club game. After his children became more independent, Daniel was able to resume his bridge career and has since won three more national events and a fair number of regional and sectional events.

Daniel is a computer programmer who has worked for Jack Henry and Associates since 1995.

When not playing bridge or working, Daniel likes to read and play computer games. He also tutors high school students in math and science.

Daniel was elected to the board in 2014.

April 2017

Tom Martinsen

Tom Martinsen

(713) 668-0526

Supply and GNT/NAP Coordinator

April 2015

Bill Riley

Bill Riley


STaC Coordinator, Education Liason, Assistant Communications and GNT/NAP Coordinator

April 2016

Others with Unit 174 Responsibilities

Individual Assignment(s)

Sandra Clark

Owen and Pat Bunn or


Election Officials

Sandra Clark

Catherine Miller

Communications Committee Chair

I am a Gold Life Master who started playing duplicate bridge while living overseas (lived overseas 21 years with husband, Hugh). First tournament I attended was the 2001 Houston regional. I repatriated back to Houston five years ago and enjoy playing bridge primarily with my husband.

The Communications Committee contacts new members to the unit and advises them of the opportunities offered in the unit. They also contact inactive members, offering assistance to help them re-activate their status.

Mike Hoffman

Mike Hofmann

Financial Verifier

Mike is a retired banker who is still active in the business community.

As the Financial Verifier Mike reviews the monthly bank statements and the financial reports presented to the Board of Directors to ensure their consistency.

Buddy Hanby


Buddy has over 7,500 master points. He has won one North American Championship, finished in the top ten in several other North American Championships, and won dozens of Regional events.

When not playing bridge, Buddy is an attorney who handles civil appeals and criminal appeals.

He is the author of Hanby’s Texas Rules of Appellate Procedure, Annotated, a book published annually by West Publishing Co.

He has frequently been recognized as a Super Lawyer by the Texas Monthly.

He has been married to fellow bridge player, Sally Wheeler for thirty-three wonderful years.

Carol Wilson

Carol Wilson

Scorecard Reporter

Carol ( is a published author with two books and many articles to her credit. She won a Writers Digest national award and has taught secretarial seminars in several states, Russia, and Argentina. She has served more than 25 years as editor for professional organizations and currently is editor of the monthly newsletter of the Houston Chapter of Military Officers Association of America. She is an ACBL certified teacher and director and when not involved with bridge activities, she can be found visiting her granddaughters in St. Louis.

Carol Wilson

Bob Dowlen



Bob Dowlen is a Silver Life Master, former President of Houston Unit 174, former President of the Clear Lake Bridge Club, ACBL Accredited Director & Teacher and a Lifetime Member of the ACBL National Charity Committee.

The Recorder shall:

    • Be responsible for collecting and cataloging complaints and/or inquiries from players, usually concerning a question of conduct or ethics. The Recorder may also assist with filling out the recorder forms when necessary. If a formal complaint is made to the Board of Directors against a member of the unit, the Recorder may be called upon to provide a history of other complaints. The Recorder may also file a complaint against a member if he feels that it is warranted.
    • Be available at all Unit 174 tournaments. If the Recorder will not be available, notice should be given to the President so that an alternate can be selected.

Mike Lee

Ethics Committee Chair

Al Fortier

Unit Photographer

Lew Levy

Lew Levy

District 16 Executive Treasurer

Lew has been President of the Board in three different ACBL units: Bellingham, Washington; Honolulu, Hawaii; and Houston, Texas. He is currently Executive Treasurer of District 16, a position he has held since 2007. He was chair of the Fundraising Committee for the 2009 NABC in Houston.

Lew is a retired oil company executive, with more than 30 years experience in refining and transportation.

Chuck Michalski

Chuck Michalski

E-mail Newsletter Editor

Paul Nimmons


Bert Onstott

Bert Onstott


Webmaster, Directory Coordinator, Membership, and D16 Webmaster

Bert retired from Shell in 2007 after 26 years as a Chemical Engineer, where he was one of Shell's leaders in applying process optimization systems to help run refinery process units more profitably. Bert earned a BS in Chemical Engineering from UC Davis in 1980. Prior to that he spent ten years in the U. S. Navy as a computer technician.

Bert took up duplicate in 1995 after taking the Club series from Tom Jahnke. Brigitte Sandifer was his first Mentor! He is now a Silver Life Master with 2,400 points.

He was elected to the Unit Board of Directors in 2003 and served two terms as Vice President and two terms as President during the subsequent six years. He chaired or co-chaired five regionals and several sectionals during that time, and served as NAP, GNT, and STaC coordinator, as well as Secretary, Photographer, and Directory Coordinator.

Since retiring from Shell he's enjoyed acquiring the skills to build and maintain web sites, and currently serves as Unit and District Webmaster. He also built and maintains the web site for the Westside Bridge Academy and the partnership sites for Houston and Austin.

Bert is married to his wonderful wife Katherine and enjoys reading, bridge, fishing, and woodworking.

Joyce Ryan

Bert Onstott


Educational and Books Sales Chair

Currently: owner and a teacher at St. Martin's Bridge School.

Bridge: Gold Life Master with over 3000 masterpoints; certified bridge director; ACBL accredited and Better Bridge accredited teacher; member of the ACBL National Goodewill Committee. I conduct supervised bridge on Monday afternoons at St. Martin's fr 14 to 15 tables of players.

I learned to play bridge as a nine year old. My mother taught me and several of my friends to play bridge and it provided a summer of entertainment for us and for me, a life time hobby. I also enjoy live theater, travel, reading, and movies.

I started to play duplicate bridge in 2000 and I love the game! I became a Gold Life Master in 2011. Playing bridge has been a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and try new things.

I have been a bridge teacher and a director on numerous cruises. I've cruised th Black Sea, Baltic Sea, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Panama Canal, South Pacific, Alaska, East Coast and West Coast, and the North Cape.

Abbie LeCesne

Caddy Chair and Head Caddy

Errol LeCesne

Errol LeCesne


Bridge in Schools Coordinator

Errol retired from Quest International Communications in 1996, after 25 years service as Credit Manager for Small Business.

Errol is also a professional educator with teaching credentials in four states (LA, NM, CO, & NV). He has a BA from Xavier University of Louisiana, and MA from University of New Mexico and Colorado Christian University. He developed a curriculum for teaching bridge in middle school titled Bridge, the Mental Sport in Middle School, 1999. More than seventy young people directly benefited from that curriculum including his six grandchildren.

Errol’s interest in bridge began with the American Bridge Association (ABA) in New Orleans where he served as president of the Northside Duplicate Bridge Club in 1962. He taught bridge at the University of New Mexico for 22 years, Mesa State College in Colorado and currently at Lone Star College in Kingwood. His ACBL credits include tenures as club owner, club director, tournament director, unit president, tournament chairman, accredited teacher and bridge cruise director. He is a silver life master. In 2007, he was honored with an appointment to the National Good Will Committee of ACBL.

His primary focus as a Unit Director is the Bridge in Schools program where he hopes to make bridge an interscholastic sport in Houston area schools and he encourages unit members to get involved in the effort.

Arlene Weingarten

Arlene Weingarten

Webmaster Emeritus and Web Site Advisor

Gary Hercules


Treasurer and Budget Coordinator