Grand National Teams

This event is a major ACBL team championship conducted with district (and sometimes unit) qualifying rounds that lead to a final round held in conjunction with the Summer NABC. The Grand National Teams (GNT) is a district event. Please read the District 16 Conditions of Contest ( for more information.

2017Grand National Teams

Qualify at the Unit Level:
Super Flight & Flight A do not need to qualify at the Unit Level & should advance directly to the District Level.

Play in the Unit Level Finals to be held Feb 19 @ Band for Flight C, and Feb 26 @Dorsey's for Flight B (2017). 1:30 & TBD
The unit will qualify 60% of the field, or 60% of both fields if held jointly. You technically qualify as an individual rather than as a team, even though you are qualifying in a team event.
You do not have to qualify in your unit. You may qualify at any unit event in the district.
The Super Flight is unlimited, Flight A is 0 - 6000, Flight B is 0 - 2500, Flight C is non-life master with less than 500 masterpoints.

Qualify at the District Level:
The district finals for all four flights; ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘super flight’ will be held at the Houston sectional April 8, 9, 2017 at the Marriott Westchase, 2900 Briarpark Dr., Houston, TX.
The sessions will run at the same time as the sectional sessions, Saturday morning 10:00 and Afternoon 2:30. Sunday at 10:00 and TBA.
The 1st place team will qualify to play in the National Finals at the Summer NABC in Toronto July20-30.
All qualifiers will receive subsidies to defray their travel costs.


2016 Grand National Teams

Congratulations to the winners of the District GNT! Winners were:

  • Super Flight:J Gittelman - Robert Whitcher - Gary King - Anthony Bianchi
  • Flight A: Hua Yang, Yan Song, Tiger King, and Danny Feng
  • Flight B:Kathleen Carr, James Richman, Robert Schmidt, and Ari Sippola
  • Flight C:James Rider, Cheryl Rider, Stefanie Scott, and Kristen Onsgard.


Four teams entered the match on Saturday afternoon, playing three rounds of 17 boards.

Surviving to play on Sunday were the teams of

  • Gary King, Anthony Bianchi, Mitch Towner, and Robert Whitcher.
  • Mark Bumgardner - Bill Staats - James Breihan - Anton (Tony) Haddad.

Results from the qualifying round are shown here.

On Sunday, those two teams played a 48 board KO, with the King team prevailing!

The details of the final round are here.

Flight A

Five teams entered the Flight A competition. A Swiss was played in the qualifying round to reduce the number of teams to four; then a Knockout was played to determine the winners.

  • Hua Yang, Yan Song, Wanfeng Mou, Tiger King, and James Zhan.

The results from the qualifying round are shown here.

The results from the final round are shown here.

Flight B

Sixteen teams entered the B competition. A Knockout was played to determine the winners, which were Kathleen Carr, James Richman, Robert Schmidt, and Ari Sippola.

The results of the final rounds are shown here.


Flight C

Four teams entered the C competition; they played a knockout to determine the winners, who were: James Rider, Cheryl Rider, Stefanie Scott, and Kristen Onsgard.

The results from the final rounds are here.