Unit Pairs Game

Unit Pairs Games are usually scheduled for the 2nd Sunday of the month, at 1:30 p.m. Dorsey’s hosts a 299er and Open game (all as attendance warrants). Eligibility for the limited games is based on your points as reported in the most recent month’s Bridge Bulletin. Refreshments will be served and the individual cost for the Unit Pairs Game is $10.


0-299, O-1500


0-49'r, 0-299'r,1500

Jan03 Dorseys  
Jan11 0-299'r
  Mini-Mac Oct Oct12
Feb 08 0-299'r
  Nov 09

Mar15 0-299'r

  Dec 09
Apr 12 Band Dorsey
Apr12 0-299'r
  Jan 11
May 12 0-299'r
  Feb 08
June 14 Dorsey
June 14 0-299'r
  Mar 15
July 14 0-299'r
  Apr 14
Aug 09 0-299'r

Sept 20 Dorsey
Sept 8 0-299'r
  June 14

Oct 13 0-299'r

  July 14
Nov 10 0-299'r
  Aug 11
Dec 13 0-299'r, 0-1500
  Sept Final