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At Arlington's recent tournament, they received a bad check for a significant amount. Therefore, we wanted to let everyone know that the District's policy on bad checks is the same as the ACBL's policy. If the person does not make the check good we have a disciplinary hearing. If convicted, the person is subject to suspension. A suspended person may not play in sanctioned ACBL games. If somehow they manage to get into a game, they are subject to further suspension and do not receive their points nor get their money back. If the check is big enough, they are also subject to civil action, but that is not the ACBL's concern.

Kudos to SUE ROWE and PAT SEARS for the great job they are doing with studio decorations.  We would, however, ask that no one take any of the decorations as they are reused.

Proof copies of the UNIT DIRECTORY are available at Denton, Arlington, and FW studios until April 5 for corrections before final printing.




Money Game Moving to
Saturday Night

Come join us on May 3rd for an exciting new format in bridge at Fort Worth Studio. Light dinner served at 6:00pm, game starts at 6:30 PM. Cost is $10. The more tables, the more money we give away.
# Tables Payout-1st Payout-2nd Payout-3rd Payout-4th Payout-5th
4 $40 $20 $5    
5 $44 $26 $17    
6 $53 $31 $20    
7 $64 $35 $22 $5  
8 $74 $40 $25 $8  
9 $82 $44 $28 $10  
10 $94 $48 $31 $13  
11 $104 $50 $33 $15 $6
12 $115 $54 $35 $17 $8
13 $127 $57 $38 $19 $10
14 $138 $61 $40 $22 $12
15 $150 $64 $43 $24 $14




BILLY LEEPER is a retired electrical engineer from Lockheed Martin. He has become our official electrician at the FW Bridge Studio, changing out lights, ballasts, fuses, etc. He also changes out the filters in the ceiling. Covering another job as well, he maintains the ice maker by thawing, cleaning and caring for the filter. Since these projects donít take up enough of his time, he goes to Samís once or twice a week to purchase all the Studio supplies from papers goods and cleaning supplies to cream and sugar. Billy has been a huge contributor of time and expertise not to mention money saver.



Unit 183

Grand National Teams


Apr 12-13         Arlington            Non-Life Master Sectional
Apr 26-27         Fort Worth          Non-Life Master Sectional
June 20-22       Fort Worth          Sectional

Bridge Lesson Opportunities

Are you an early intermediate wanting to upgrade your game?
Mary Jane Orock will teach a 6 week series
starting Mar 3 @ 6 PM - Cost: $60

Learn Bridge The 2/1 Way is now available from Amazon. (Click here) Mary Jane Orock, assisted by Jacque Montgomery, produced this volume for the beginning player who has real serious intent in learning our wonderful game.

[Click here to see details of the many opportunities within the Unit]     
  For example:
    Suns 1:30  Arlington - New Bridge Players/Novice
    Weds 10:30  Denton - Learn and play series

    Mentoring Games Available Too
    ADBC 3rd Weds Mentoring game 7 PM
    Go for Gold - getting Non Life Master ready for Dallas NABC

Fort Western - Howdy Partner
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Upcoming Unit Rated Championships
  Sun, April 13, Denton; 1:30 PM - Pairs

  Mon, April 14, Fort Worth; 10:30 - 0-1000

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