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ACBL Unit 204 Fort Concho - San Angelo, Tx

Unit 204 Mail Address

ACBL Unit 204 Fort Concho
Neal Perlman, President
414 S Adams Steet
San Angelo, TX 76901
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Fort Mason Club

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Unit Board and Officers

Office Name Phone Number
President: Neal Perlman 325-374-2825
Vice-President: Carolyn Reed-Jones
Secretary-Treasurer: Patsy Bitner
Unit Board Member: Suzanne Dorris
Unit Board Member: Virgina Noelke
Unit Board Member: Larry Hettick 

Other Officers

Office Name Phone Number
Membership Chairman: Norma Walker 325-949-3354
Publicity Chairman: Patsy Bitner 325-655-3999
Tournaments Coordinator: Norma Walker 325-949-3354
GNT Coordinator: Suzanne Dorris 325-656-2747
NAOP Coordinator: Norma Walker 325-949-3354
District 16 Board Representative: Neal Perlman 325-657-0548
Conduct & Ethics Chairman: George Finley 325-659-4568
Unit Recorder: Sue Henry 325-655-3875
Unit Education Liaison: Marifrances Watson 325-277-9959
Internet Coordinator: M. J. McCord 325-234-7773

Unit elections are held in April-May; the board elects officers at the first meetingfollowing the elections.