Central Texas Duplicate Bridge
Unit 233 is an affiliate of the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) District 16

One New Life Master and Another Really Really Close

At the Dallas (Richardson) Labor Day Regional, these two ladies gave it their all in an attempt to obtain the level of Life Master. G Nell Carpenter on the left and Judy Taylor Mathews on the right had their first congratulatory wish by their own Tom Corlett. Tom and his wife Ethel, who had also attended the Regional, were both quick to wish the two ladies good luck, and the two received the last 6 or 7 gold points that were needed to push them over the mark. The two gals had been working on this goal since 2004, acquiring their needed silver points at their local Sectional Tournaments in Waco and Temple. The last three years they had attended Regional Tournaments in Dallas, Houston, and Tyler, where they obtained the needed gold points. Nell got what she needed and obtained the title of Life Master. Judy only needs 1.2 more Red Points, and she also will have the title in hand. When asked, Nell and Judy reported that they enjoyed playing in the Bracketed Swiss games and the Gold Rush Pairs games, feeling that those two types allowed them to play against their peers, where they felt the reward was greater. They both love the competitive duplicate bridge game, and they are delighted that thirteen years after their start was the lucky year for them as they became One Life Master and Another Really Really Close. Both ladies are certainly sure that they are NOT masters of life. But, they do definitely want to share the fun, the excitement, the mental stimulus, and the love of the game of duplicate bridge with all. This lovely game will keep all of us going in a positive direction, and both ladies plan to continue their quest to “pan for gold”.
Updated 10/01/2017 Judy