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Guidelines/Customs of Unit 237

Board of Directors

Members are elected at annual meeting held once a year. Members are selected in accordance with ACBL apportioning 1 member per 20 ACBL members of the Unit. It has been the tradition to alternate the presidency between the Western end and Eastern ends of the valley to keep a closer harmony in the Unit. It is understood that employees of the Unit do not sit on the Board of Directors, due to the conflict of interest. It is also understood that when a 3 year term has been fulfilled, a 1 year hiatus from the Board before running again has been accepted, giving equal opportunity to all Unit members to have a chance to be on the Board. If a person has been appointed to fulfill an unexpired term, that person may run for a three year term without waiting a year.

Unit game is held every Saturday; normally, Unit Board of Directors meetings are held, when required, after the game.

Standing Committees are appointed by the President at the first opportunity after election. Present Standing committees are:

Unit Tournament Coordinator
Unit Electronic Contact
District 16 Board Representative
Unit Recorder
Disciplinary Chairman
In and Education Chairman
Scorecard Reporter
Membership, usually in coordination with the Treasurer
Tournament Regional Coordinator
Each tournament chair appoints its own respective choices for:
Juciciary-Ethics and Conduct
North American Pairs Coordinator
Grand National Team Coordinator

Keeps minutes of all meetings of the Board of Directors, sends a copy of Same to each board member following the meeting.Maintains a roster of Unit Members, complete with ACBL member numbers, Mailing address, telephone numbers and current rank, separating Unit members Residing in the Unit and Winter Texans who hold half year memberships.


Signs signature card, all checks in payment of charges made to the Unit. A Treasurer's report should be prepared and presented at every Board meeting, Including a financial statement if feasible following sectional or regional Tournaments.Requests reimbursement from clubs holding sectionals for expenses incurred By them which are billed to the Unit, such as ads in Bulletin and Scorecard Pays fees directly to the District for its per table charge after a Regional, As based on director's report.Prepares a balance sheet showing receipts and disbursements, and an annual Report which also shows Units debts and reserves for contingencies for bad Weather, etc.

Vice President

Keeps an inventory of physical purchases made by the unit during the year, And adds it to Inventory of Assets so the Unit knows what they have. Also confirms bank balance in checking and investment.

Tournament Coordinators

Shall be in attendance at regional and national events where matters of Importance regarding tournaments are discussed. If unable to attend, find A replacement to attend and report back.

Sectional Tournaments

The Unit is required to petition for the sanctions for these tournaments, And if they lose money, we are required to pay the expenses which shall be Reimbursed by the Unit when funds become available. The chairperson of the Tournaments must see that the Unit is reimbursed for advertising and other Expenses billed to the Unit.


The Unit is covered by ACBL insurance policy for tournaments ;a certificate Can be obtained from ACBL if necessary. We have also purchased a liability Policy to cover the Unit Game on Saturday.


The Unit should periodically, every 3 years in any event, appropriately Recognize those who have become Life Masters, Bronze, Silver, Gold Life Masters.

District 16 has created an award entitled the TEXAS STAR, honoring a Member of a Unit who has contributed to the promotion and good of Duplicate Bridge in that Unit. Nominations are made by the board of Directors of a Unit and submitted to the District by December of each year.


Income tax. The Unit understands that it is a charitable organization Exempt from income taxes ;a form must be filed on an exempt form each year. Banks and other institutions may file forms with IRS of interest paid to The Unit on Bank deposits or other securities. Sales Tax. We have obtained a tax exemption number which should be given Vendors when purchases are made.


ACBL makes Ace of Club Certificates and Mini McKenney lists available; pins Are purchased and given to the recipients by the Unit.Thomas Trophy. Awarded to the Valley Unit Member who gains the most points At the fall tournament, currently South Padre/Port Isabel Tournament. The Unit pays for the engraving the winner's name on the trophy, and provides A commemorative Silver flute to the previous recipient when the new winner Is announced. This trophy was donated by Maria and Betta Thomas of the Unit.

Marle McCallum Trophy, donated by the Harlingen Club, is given to the Unit Member garnering the most points at the Harlingen Tournament. They Determine the winner and pay for the engraving on the trophy, and for the Commemorative flute given to the past winner.