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Magic Valley Unit #237 owns the ACBL club sanction #130674, and promotes a non-profit, weekly duplicate bridge game. The tax exemption number issued by the Texas Comptroller is 3200270674. In a letter from IRS dated Apr 1, 1999, we were declared Tax exempt.

The Unit is responsible for providing funds to support the weekly game. Basic expenditures will be paid by the Unit for supplies for coffee and ice only. Other foods will be made on a volunteer basis, and cleanup will also be done by volunteers. The Unit Board will see that directors are available for each Saturday game. The Unit Treasurer shall be responsible for payment of rent, and payment to the directors.

Members of the Board of Unit 237 voted on April 13 to eliminate the position of Manager of the club, due to fiscal management needed to curb the overspending. As a result, duties have been delegated as follows:

Directors will sign in the bridge players, and assign the seating for the game. The monies collected will be turned over to the treasurer to make the deposits.

Volunteers will set up tables and chairs according to the direction of the director, and will put the bidding boxes on the tables. They will also sharpen the pencils and distribute new decks of cards when needed.

Food preparation will be done strictly by donation by volunteers. The club will be responsible for purchase of the coffee and cups, and ice as needed. Each Board member will take a month to make the coffee and see that supplies are plentiful as needed. A sign up sheet will be available.

The computer operator will send in the results of all games played to the ACBL. All sanctions for ACBL games will be submitted by the President. The computer operator shall have control of the key to the storage cupboards of the Unit.

The monies paid Directors are as follows:

$25.00 payment is made for non-playing director of two sections.

$20.00 payment is made for non-playing director of one section.

$15.00 payment is made for playing director.

At March , 2006 Open Membership Meeting, it was agreed per request of directors that if we have 2 sections, two directors can split the payment and each can play, provided they direct the section they are not playing in. When table count exceeds 10 tables, we shall have a non-playing director.

Computer Operator receives free game plus fee of $10.00, plus reimbursement for all supplies, repairs, and other costs he has.