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Karan Hearn's Passing - August 24th

We are sad to report that Karan Hearn's family has notified us that Karan has "gone to be with the Lord today," and her husband David asks that her many bridge friends be notified. She will be taken to Arkansas for burial, and we are told that there will not be a service or obituary in Houston. A group of her close friends plan to name an event for her at the Regional.

UNIT 174 Board of Directors Club Connection Program

The Board has decided to continue our program to connect with our Unit members and traveled again to Kingwood. The Kingwood Duplicate Bridge Club had their 8th anniversary celebration on Wednesday Aug 3rd. Frances and Jim Simmons started the first sanctioned duplicate game in Kingwood 8 years ago at the clubhouse of an apartment complex that has now been leveled for a shopping center. On that first night 8 years ago, the bridge group encountered the Kingwood Democratic Women’s Club as the complex had double booked their clubhouse. Despite the rocky start, the game continued to be held there except for the first Wednesday as the clubhouse wasn’t big enough for the Democrats and the bridge club. After playing at several locations (Kingwood Country Club and Luby’s) in the next few years, the club now has permanent residence at the Kingwood Community Center with a game on Wednesday at 6PM. On Thursday night there is a non sanctioned game that is used for teaching by Jim Simmons and Martin Gastrell.

Two of the board members (Nancy Strohmer and Bill Riley) with their spouses, former board member and current school liason, Errol Lecesne and the verifier for UNIT 174, Mike Hofmann joined the celebration and played bridge. All had fun and good bridge and great food.

The board recognizes the need for strong clubs and wishes to thank Jim, Frances and Martin for all of their efforts in promoting bridge in the Kingwood area.

Photo: Errol Lecesne, Mike Hofmann, Lucy Hofmann (volunteer), club managers Frances and Jim Simmons, Bill Riley, Nancy Strohmer and Martin Gastrell (volunteer). Steve Vaughn, one of the directors was setting up the game and not pictured.

MiniBridge Party — Aug 13

Unit 174 held its second MiniBridge party on August 13. Despite inclement weather, 35 people attended the party and we had a great time. MiniBridge is a great way to create memories with family and friends while introducing them to bridge in an easy to learn and very enjoyable way. Visit the MiniBridge section of the website for more information and resources.

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