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Jean Linzel

Jean Linzel, a long time member of our unit and an Emerald Life Master with over 7,900 masterpoints, passed away last night.  More information will be provided when it is avaliable.

New Members

Wow!  We had 24 new members join in July!  They are:

Alok Bhargava, Carolyn Campbell, Leslie Cauffman, Patsy Combest, Cheri Gaston, Linda Hagerman, Linda Helbach, James Herbert, Anne Irick, Edward Kroger, Patti Kroger, Lynda Gay Lawton, Ronnie Martin, Girish Parikh, Curtis Petty, Sandi Petty, Arlene Phillips, Rebecca Ross, Robert Ross, Fred Slayden, Joan Slayden, Alice Soudelier, Carol Teufel, and Charles Woody.

Be sure to make them welcome!

Introduce a friend to bridge, it's what friends are for!

Rank Advancements

Those who advanced a rank in July are listed below:

  • New Junior Masters: Michael Baer, Cigdem Bursin, Margie MacKenzie, Johara Nour, and Bruce Weiner.
  • New Club Masters: Joseph Conti, Kenneth Fisher, Ruthann Fisher, Penny Gregg, Charlotte Howell, Jackie King, Sheila Moser, William Petersen, Sherrilyn Phelps, Himankush Saha, Carol Seliger, Jinrong Wang, and Peggy Woods.
  • New Sectional Masters: AJ James and Jan Neuenschwander.
  • New Regional Masters: Linda Brodie, Saundra Dickinson, Bernard Feldman, Donna Price, Ian Remson, Sheryl Thomas, Meng-Chr Tsai, Charlene Turner, and Mary Ellen Vail.
  • New NABC Masters: Robert Babb, Laurie Hartline-Babb, Rosalind Kokolis, Andrew Remson, Joan Ritter, and Bharat Shrestha.
  • New Advanced NABC Master: Linda McReynolds.
  • New Life Masters: Betty Davis, Barbara Giddens, Beverley Linskey, Connie Montgomery, Jean Moritz, Jill Spence, Judy Walker, and Lisa Zummo.
  • New Bronze Life Masters: Mack Guderian, Beverley Linskey, Anita Rothfuss, and Ann Sinclair.
  • New Silver Life Masters: Nita James and Kitty Wong.
  • New Gold Life Masters: Tiger King, Sanford Lobliner, Connie Robichaux, and Sherry Withers.
  • New Platinum Life Master: Tom Breed.

Congratulations to all!

Awesome August Sectional Results

You can see results from this weeks sectional tournament by clicking here.

Results will be posted as they become available.  With pictures!

President's Post

Nancy Strohmer's President's post for August has been posted on this site.  See it to the right.

Beverley Wuntch

Beverly Ann Wuntch passed away in the presence of her family, on Sunday, July 26, 2015.  Beverley was an active member of our unit for years, playing mainly at the community centers.  She served a short term on the Unit board in the early 2000's. 

A graveside service will be held at Beth Yeshurun Post Oak Cemetery, Wednesday, July 29, 2015, at 2:30 pm. Memorial donations may be made to any organization for the mentally ill in memory of Beverly Ann Wuntch.

Her obituary is here.

Vincent Toepp

Vincent Albert Toepp, 91, passed away Saturday, July 11.  He played mainly at Sosa and had about 760 masterpoints. 

His obituary is here.

Roy Paul

Roy Paul, who was a member of our unit with 900 masterpoints, passed away on June 20. 

His obituary is here.

David Miller

David Miller, who was one of the nicest bridge players you ever met, passed away on July 23. He was a long time member of our unit, and had about 1,750 masterpoints. He used to do the annual audits of the Unit's books.

The obituary is here.

New Members

We had 13 new members join our Unit in June:

Wendy Ball, Ram Bansal, Lee Bodkin, Chris Duncan, Cynthia Heagy, Kathy Keeney, Robert Landauer, Judy Lodin, Bud McEnery, Mary Carol O'Neill, Carolyn Santamaria, Jack Wigginton, and Patti Wigginton.

Welcome to all of you!

Rank Advancements

A lot of our members advanced a rank in June. 

  • New Junior Masters (5+mp): Debbie Ballard, Cheryl Benash, Charles Brom, Melba Cornell, and Ede Weiner.
  • New Club Masters (20+mp): Mary Aperauch, Jeanette Dean, John Dean, Susan Kelly, Yvonne Overschie, Susan Silvey, Jeannie Stone, Gary Terrell, and Margaret Thompson.
  • New Sectional Masters (50+mp): Harriet Brown, Bettina Dusel, George Feng, Annette Griffith, David Hull, Rony Klein, and Jeanie Turner.
  • New Regional Masters (100+mp): Shirley Duble, Vicky Dyer-Smith, Clydene Jones, Sandra Lehner,Lynn Millhaney, and Marie O'Neal.
  • New Advanced NABC Master (300+mp): B J Renshaw.
  • New Life Master (300+mp): Rhonda Bryant.
  • New Bronze Life Master (500+mp): Martha Kessler.
  • New Silver Life Masters (1000+mp): Garold Adamson, Kyle Lueders, Donna Mann, Sylvia Thomas, and Ann Van Volkenburgh.
  • New Diamond Life Master (5000mp): BettyStarzec.

Congratulations to all!

Club Happenings

Bridge Club of Houston

  • Hot Diggety Dog Labor Day!
    • Monday, September 7th
    • Meal @ 11:00 am (Free Hot Dogs—Bring Sides)
    • Game @ 11:55 am (Open Pairs & 299r Section)

Westside Bridge Academy

  • Life Master Party for Jean Moritz and Beverley Linskey!
    • Friday, August 7 at 10:30!
    • If you have a bright Hawaiian type of shirt or just a bright colored one, please wear it for some summer fun!!

    • Her friends will serve a light lunch that day and invite all of you to bring your favorite side dish, appetizer, or some chips and dips to share!