Central Texas Duplicate Bridge
Our Unit 233 is an affiliate of District 16 and the American Contract Bridge League ACBL
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Highlights of 2017. What a Unit! What a Year!

As We Approach the End of the Year...
October is the month that ACBL ask our Unit to update and correct our Unit's Roster/Members' Directory. Please help us. Click on the Unit's Roster/Members' Directory to find and check YOUR information for accuracy. If you find errors, let ACBL know. As ACBL corrects its data base, they will in turn inform our unit. This way we can keep our data bases accurate and up-to-date. Thank you for your help.
Unit's Roster/Members' Directory
Call ACBL: 800-264-2743 or Email ACBL Service

The Race is "ON". See where you are positioned on the following two races. Don't let the monkey get on your back. Take deep breaths & keep pushing to finish strong.
Mini-McKenney Race       Ace of Club's Race

And, finally, to all our members...You are I N V I T E D to our Unit's Annual Meeting (Christmas Party) to be held in Temple at the CAC on December 10th. Come join the fun. Maybe Santa will be good to you with a huge win at the bridge table. At this annual gathering, a financial statement will be made available to all members present, and we will vote on 2018's incoming Board of Director nominees. Join us. The party is FOR YOU, and YOU are what makes the party a party. Your presence at the bridge table is the ultimate present to us all. Thank you.

Gene Thompson

View Scorecard Article Here. Page 3-4.
Texas Star Award

Ila Bates and Pat Kelly
Goodwill Award

Cathy Valentine
Judy Bales' Award

Updated 10/01/2017 Judy