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Unit Directory
New Unit Directories were distributed at the January Election Sectional.  If you didn't get yours, there is a supply at Dorsey's and BA

Oswald Jacoby Award
Unit 176 is thrilled to report that our own Charlie Price has won the Oswald Jacoby award given by District 16 for outstanding service to the Unit and the District. It is the premier service award that District 16 awards. Charlie is such a deserving recipient.
For Unit 176, beginning in the 90’s, Charlie chaired two of the most successful Dallas regionals at the DFW airport hotel.  For the first of these, he gladly stepped in and took over at the last minute, successfully saving a tournament in trouble.  Then in 1997, he was the Finance Chair for the Dallas Nationals, a terrifically successful NABC.  During this time, he was elected to several terms on our Unit Board, where where he served as Vice-President, President and unit representative to District 16.  Charlie has also continued to be available for valuable advice and counsel at both the unit and district levels to those who seek his esteemed counsel.
For District 16, Charlie has served as Executive Secretary, 2nd Vice President, 1st Vice President, President, and Tournament Committee Chair. Charlie has consistently been willing to enthusiastically help and serve wherever and whenever asked of him.

Lastly, we note that Charlie has taught bridge as a credit course at Austin College for many years.  This not only successfully started young players, but he further required them to play in our Dallas January Sectional.  This gave them tournament experience and a sense of the vitality of the bridge community.  We observe, as a credit to Charlie’s enthusiasm, that many of these students play much more than is required of them at these tournaments.  We believe that building the base of players for the future is crucial to the success of bridge. This outreach of teaching gives added emphasis to the quality of his many years of service to unit 176 and District 16.

2014-15 Mini-Mac Winners

NAP Flight B Results

NAP Flight C Results

Wichita Falls Sect-Sept 25-27 Results

Sept 20 Unit Pair Game Results:

Open: Linda Spangler-S Kohan
0-1500:Sandra Fedro-Jim Farmer
:Bill Garrard-Donna Garrard

August Table Talk Available

Fort Western Regional Results

August 6-16  Summer NABC, Chicago, IL-Results:

Aug 9 Unit Pair Games-Results:
Dorsey: Gerald McKim-Michael Hout
Friendly: Bill Garrard - Donna Garrard

July12 Unit Pair Games-Results:
Dorsey: Marian Maley- Florence Beaird
Friendly: Marion Gebhardt- Randy Worsham

June 14 Unit Pair Games-Results:
1st: Marcia Hutchison -Kashi Singh
2nd: Steve Birnbaum Bob-Butterfield

May 21-25 Richardson Sectional Results

May 4-10 STAC Week Results

May 3 Unit Pair Games-Results:
Band Open-Michael Murphy-James Bauer
Dorsey Open-Jianbo Chen-Sining Hui
Band 299'r-Patty Bozeman Ruth Viola

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Unit Pairs Games are usually scheduled for the 2nd Sunday of the month, at 1:30 p.m. Dorsey’s will host 1500er and Open games. Eligibility for the limited games is based on your points as reported in the most recent month’s Bridge Bulletin. Refreshments will be served and the individual cost for the Unit Pairs Game is $10. Schedule


Play in the Unit 176 NAOP Finals on:
-Flight A Sunday Oct.18, 2015 Dorseys
Pairs finishing in the top 60% of their field
will qualify for the District 16 Finals
. This year the unit is providing a $150 subsidy to all unit qualifiers who travel to San Antonio and compete for the District championship so come on out and qualify on Sunday!

Oct 9-11 Fort Western Sectional Flyer

Unit Game Oct 11