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February 16  Unit Team Game - BAND- Results

February 12   Unit Pairs Game -Results

Feb 2017 Table Talk Available

Unit Board Election

Congratulations to the following persons elected to the Unit 176 Board of Directors for a 3 year term:
Joe Gill                                             
Mary Jane McGinnis
Catherine Tucker (reelected)
See their pictures and read their bio's in the Table Talk Newsletter

Passell-Quinn win Women’s Pairs
Nancy Passell and Shawn Quinn won the foursession Whitehead Women’s Pairs, parlaying a strong second final session into a two-board margin of victory. Passell of Plano TX and Quinn of Sugar Land TX are a new partnership, playing for the first time together in Orlando

2016 Unit Christmas Party Results: Open 0-1500 0-300

Baze Senior Knockout Team winners: Nick Nickell, Bob Hamman, Bart Bramley, coach Eric Kokish, Eric Rodwell, Jeff Meckstroth and Ralp Katz

November TableTalk available

Nov 3-6 Dallas Fall Sect. Results

Oct. 28-30 BAND 299er Sectional Results

October Unit Game Winners:
Band:1st Marion Gebhardt - Randolph Worsham
2nd Janice Trombello - Joseph Trombello

Dorsey:1st Michael Murphy-S Kohan
2nd Elaine Wood-Nancy Fellman

Congratulations to NAP FlightA Winners:
1st:Bart Bramley-Norman Beck
2nd:Bill Staats-Michael Penick

Congratulations to NAP Flight B Winners:
1st: Jeff Dater- Jim McCommons
2nd: Tony Pelligrini- Rich Brandeburg

Congratulations to NAP Flight C Winners:
1st Tie: Sherra K Read-Dave Croissant
1st Tie: Stefanie Scott-Kristen Onsgard

Dallas Labor Day Regional: Bulletins- Sat Sun Mon


Juanita Chambers (1956-2016)
Three-time world champion and 18-time NABC
winner Juanita Chambers died Friday in Dallas
TX at age 60. Chambers was slated to play on the
U.S. Women’s team at the World Bridge Games in
Wroclaw, Poland, in September with partner Lynn
“We played forever,” Deas said. “We used to win
everything. Both of our dreams had always been to
play together in a world championships.”

Unit 176 now has a Facebook page!    http://www.facebook.com/unit176  The Unit Board encourages everyone to "like" the page and send it to their friends.



Unit Pairs Games are usually scheduled for the 2nd Sunday of the month, at 1:30 p.m. Dorsey’s will host 1500er and Open games. Band will host Open,299er, and49er games. Eligibility for the limited games is based on your points as reported in the most recent month’s Bridge Bulletin. Refreshments will be served and the individual cost for the Unit Pairs Game is $10. Schedule

March 2-5                  Big Time in Big D Sectional - RCC

GNT Unit Qualifyer Returns in 2017

The unit qualifying events for the Grand National Teams (GNT) for flight B and C return in 2017.  Last year there were no unit qualifiers but this year in order to play for the District championship in Houston in April you must qualify at the unit level.  
The dates are as follows:
Flight B - February 26 at Dorsey's
This is a 2-session event.  Game time is 1:30 PM and TBA.

The unit will qualify 60% of the field, or 60% of both fields if held jointly. You technically qualify as an individual rather than as a team, even though you are qualifying in a team event.
You do not have to qualify in your unit. You may qualify at any unit event in the district.
The Super Flight is unlimited, Flight A is 0 - 6000, Flight B is 0 - 2500, Flight C is non-life master with less than 500 masterpoints.

The district finals for all four flights; ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’ and ‘super flight’ will be held at the Houston sectional April 8, 9, 2017 at the Marriott Westchase, 2900 Briarpark Dr., Houston, TX.
The sessions will run at the same time as the sectional sessions, Saturday morning 10:00 and Afternoon 2:30. Sunday at 10:00 and TBA.